Tools For Ogame

Antigame Origin

The other OGame experience for all communities

Votes: 103


OGame Stats, statistiques joueurs et alliances, gestion des statistiques, comparaisons

Votes: 63

War Riders / Gamestats

Ogame Stats & Tools

Votes: 37


Calculator Tools for Ogame

Votes: 23

Speedsim online

Ogame Battle Simulator

Votes: 23


The Firefox Add-on for OGame

Votes: 21


Ogame Statistics

Votes: 20

Ogame Wiki

OGame Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!

Votes: 19


Ogame Battle Simulator

Votes: 17

Tools for Ogame

Interplanetary Missiles & Battle Simulators, Cost, Commerce & ACS Calculators, and others

Votes: 15


Estadísticas basadas en OGame (Fornax & Quantum)

Votes: 11

OGame combat report converter

Battle report converter

Votes: 10

Top Raider

Top Raider is the best way to track your ogame profits. With its easy to use plug-in and its comprehensive statistics you will be bragging about your profits in no time.

Votes: 5


Ogame V6 Battle Report Conversor and tools

Votes: 5


API V6-enabled Ogame Battle Simulator

Votes: 4


Your OGame CR-archivist. Upload and share your combat reports.

Votes: 1